Dear Winston Churchill community:

Our school and people everywhere are mourning the victims of this week’s horrific shootings in Atlanta.  Though the killings remain under investigation, these attacks come amidst a disturbing nationwide rise in violence, discrimination, and xenophobia directed against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.  As racial justice activists everywhere have demonstrated in research and public commentary, these trends are only the most recent and visible manifestations of durable, damaging, and too often overlooked racism and injustice.  We must condemn not only recent acts of violence against Asian-Americans, but also the much more pervasive discrimination and stereotyping that has harmed Asian American lives and impoverished our society.   

We all have an obligation to stand up against racism, wherever and whenever we find it. We are reminded again this week, that racism’s vile poison scars the lives of many different groups and people. As we stand committed to fighting for an ever more fully inclusive and equitable society, in our Montgomery County public school campuses and beyond, we must stand for and with all the groups who contribute to the beautiful and vibrant diversity of our community, our county, our country, and the world.

Montgomery County’s Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community is a vital source of creativity and strength for this area.  Our future depends on ensuring that they, and people of all backgrounds, can flourish fully here and in America.  In our public school curriculum, and in our efforts to fight systemic racism, we will continue to support and work with our AAPI students, teachers, staff, and alumni to build a better world.

Click here to find out more. We suggest a number of resources related to learning more about issues of systemic racism, diversity and inclusion. 

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The MCPS Equity Initiative Unit advances racial justice and cultural proficiency by interrupting systems of bias (implicit and explicit), oppression, and inequity in our policies, practices and procedures by challenging every MCPS employee to be courageous, persistent and effective in confronting and resolving racial and cultural issues that impact everyone but disproportionately impact the academic and social emotional success of students of color.

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