We would be remiss if we did not pause for a moment and say a gigantic, heartfelt thank you to both Principal Heckert and Ms. Gasaway, whom we just learned are both leaving the school for new opportunities this summer.

The past eighteen months has been extraordinary – tumultuous, stressful, arduous, sometimes isolating, almost constantly challenging to our emotional, mental and physical well-being.  Many of us lost cherished loved ones during this time.  Many of us know of families who did.  Many of us are still protecting younger children who are not yet eligible for vaccinations, although we can certainly keep hope alive that younger children and even infants may be able to receive a vaccine by the end of the summer.  During the trials and tribulations of working almost exclusively in an on-line, Zooming environment for most of the entire prior school year, under her leadership, Principal Heckert’s administrative team and staff have risen to the occasion with creativity, humor, flexibility, resilience and determination. It is important that we acknowledge the extraordinary efforts that went into pulling off a year and a half of academics unlike any other. And as the pandemic finally somewhat loosened its grip on us, Principal Heckert gave our seniors and our community a beautiful outdoors field graduation to remember.  We thank her, and we wish her and Ms. Gasaway every success in their future endeavors. The PTSA board has some surprises planned for them next week!