Tutoring Resources

The WCHS PTSA is pleased to offer this page of resources for anyone looking for extra help in a WCHS course.  You are encouraged to avail yourself of the numerous resources within the school.  

Teacher Office Hours:  WCHS teachers’ office hours are listed here: office hours.  Students may stop by during office hours for assistance directly from their teachers.  Because appointments are not necessary, students may have to wait for one-on-one time with their teacher or receive assistance in a group setting.

Peer Tutoring Offered by WCHS Clubs/Honor Societies:  The following clubs/honor societies offer drop-in tutoring by WCHS student tutors.  The available tutors may vary week to week.

There are also resources outside the school that may be beneficial.  Although the WCHS PTSA does not endorse any of the third-party providers listed, we hope the information here will facilitate your finding the help you need.  

Montgomery County Public Libraries:  The libraries in our area provide live, online tutoring and homework help for library card holders.  Check out this resource HERE

Third-Party Tutoring Services and Tutors:  Third-party tutors and tutoring services send unsolicited advertisements about their services to WCHS.  These contacts are collected HERE.

MCPS certified teachers also offer tutoring to students who do NOT attend their schools.  These contacts are collected HERE.

WCHS and the WCHS PTSA disclaim any liability for these service providers.  Please conduct appropriate due diligence and research before using a third party.      

Questions? – Please contact WCHS PTSA 1st Vice President/President-Elect Jacqueline Coleman Snead at: [email protected]

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